Inaccurate subsurface/geological evaluations and other unknown construction delays mean extra costs.  Materials engineering and testing is essential for moving your project from blueprint to reality.

With the recent acquisition of GSG Material Testing Inc., Princeton has a material testing capability for the most complex assignments. We specialize in testing and analysis of the properties and performance behavior of soils and mechanical, hydraulic, and physical testing of all forms of materials used in the construction. Our team of engineers and technicians are certified, credentialed and experienced with hundreds of projects, including commercial developments, bridges, roadways, residential developments, and railroad facilities.

We work as part of your construction team to keep your project on track. We have both field testing services and laboratory testing services that deliver reliable analysis and state-of-the-art reporting and delivery systems to make timely, crucial, and cost-effective decisions.  Our clients get rapid, individualized response and defensible, accurate results when contracting for construction materials testing.


  • Inspection and testing services during installation of caisson/drilled shaft foundations, shear walls, piles, and reinforced earth embankments
  • Monitoring and testing during backfilling operations
  • Inspection and testing of concrete, mortar, grout, and asphalt during placement
  • Inspection and testing of structural steel connection during fabrication and erections
  • Laboratory testing services to support field inspection services
  • Testing for thickness, density, and bond strength of Sprayed-on Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM)
  • Field testing of floor flatness and levelness